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Friday, 17 August 2012

Drug Repair & Recovery: Stuff to Know

The ancient Greek aphorism (an original thought or idea)


Is indeed perhaps a worthy aim 


It is probably impossible to achieve

Until the following is experienced:


As a bipedal mammal of the primate order, you are classified as a HUMAN.  If you wish, you can be a human be-ing, and just be.


Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Evidence Informed vs Evidence Based: The Crucial Difference

For the evidence informed practitioner there are always some fundamental clinical or treatment "rules".  These "rules" are highly subjective and are as many and varied as the practitioner themselves. But, to the practitioner in question fundamental they will be. 

What follows is, in a simple way, my professional point of view, as informed by a decades worth of clinical practice, client observation and good quality professional supervision.

The Client Is Always Right

Certainly a radical proposition to some, and one put to me by friend and mentor, Jost Sauer.  I adapted to this approach immediately and with ease.  Client outcomes became noticeably better and also my internal satisfaction as a treatment provide got better.  When something works this well, you keep it.

By contrast, the evidence based model of treatment has a different intellectual foundation:

The Evidence Is Always Right

Since the evidence is taken in priority to the person, conflict between client and practitioner, or practitioner and health care employer is, in a rational sense, inevitable.  It may not happen all the time.  But it will happen.

I like my way better.  I have come to appreciate that anything fundamental, will reveal of itself to be simple.  If the client is always right, then so are you.  Whatever you so think, you are right.  What a relief, now you can meet yourself, "as you are".

Better and better


Drug Repair & Recovery: Oats As Power Food, One Mans Testimony

Cornerstone of the chi cycle approach to rapid repair & recovery is a nourishing breakfast, closely following early morning chi focused practice. The preparation and/or cooking and consumption of oats can be harmonious and delicious. Lurking within this deceptively simple cereal grain is a power food waiting to be unleashed on a daily basis.

The wild ancestor of Avena sativa, once called the oat weed, it remained amongst humans wherever possible, leading to its eventual domestication. Much like anything that hangs around us for too long.  Oats are grown throughout the temperate 
zones and are suitable for human consumption but one of the most common uses is as feed for livestock to fodder upon.

The following twisted testimony is one mans encounter with the humble OAT.

As always, re-printed without regard to copyright, permission of any sort or indeed the writers dignity.

Rolled oats are good for constipation... but who wants constipation?  But seriously, I have muesli with raw-wheatgerm every morning and it goes through you like a run away train.  I’m too scared to leave the house until I’ve been to the toilet coz one morning I left the house before going to the loo and ended up having breakfast twice, once in the kitchen and once in the car seat, if you know what I mean.  I ended up having to turn my wipers on, I didn’t really need to turn my wipers on but, somehow, it made me feel better.

I recently visited an old mate of mine who’s just built one of those fancy new age houses. He’s put in all the latest European-appliances like a dishwasher that looks like a TV and a TV that looks like a laundry cabinet.  I called out from his loo the other day that I couldn’t find the flush-setting, and he yelled back, “That’s the kitchen.” So I switched it to, ‘Slow-Roast’, and told him it was my shout for dinner.

The End

Pure gold, rolled.  Vic Plume is the author of the above story.  
I want to meet Avina Sativa.

Drug & Alcohol Treatment: When In Doubt?

When in doubt, you may use the following meditation, vocalising internally for as long as it takes, till you are free of doubt.  In the East this technique is called mantra.


You don't have to know what it means, how it will help or why it works.  

Just do it.

Of course, if that is not enough, you can always post me and I will answer.