Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Evidence Informed vs Evidence Based: The Crucial Difference

For the evidence informed practitioner there are always some fundamental clinical or treatment "rules".  These "rules" are highly subjective and are as many and varied as the practitioner themselves. But, to the practitioner in question fundamental they will be. 

What follows is, in a simple way, my professional point of view, as informed by a decades worth of clinical practice, client observation and good quality professional supervision.

The Client Is Always Right

Certainly a radical proposition to some, and one put to me by friend and mentor, Jost Sauer.  I adapted to this approach immediately and with ease.  Client outcomes became noticeably better and also my internal satisfaction as a treatment provide got better.  When something works this well, you keep it.

By contrast, the evidence based model of treatment has a different intellectual foundation:

The Evidence Is Always Right

Since the evidence is taken in priority to the person, conflict between client and practitioner, or practitioner and health care employer is, in a rational sense, inevitable.  It may not happen all the time.  But it will happen.

I like my way better.  I have come to appreciate that anything fundamental, will reveal of itself to be simple.  If the client is always right, then so are you.  Whatever you so think, you are right.  What a relief, now you can meet yourself, "as you are".

Better and better


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