Friday, 22 June 2012

Drug Repair & Recovery: Controlled Relaxation 1

Drug Repair & Recovery: Controlled Relaxation 1

This could also be entitled: "You Must Relax"

Your mind controls your brain, your brain controls your body.  Therefore, if you wish to heal your body, or look after it better with respect to drug use then perhaps you might enquire into the possibilities of your mind.

(cue Basement Jaxx: Where's Your HEad At )

In 2008 I became Silva Mind graduate, and have since facilitated over 1200 controlled relaxation (dynamic meditation) in-clinic sessions, the largest share by far, facilitated Drug Rehab settings.  Better and better indeed. Of all the things I have learned, I regard Silva Method as one of my primo “game changers”. My teacher and friend Gabriella Garbacz, taught by Jose himself, and amongst his last students before he died, is in the experience of my life, a special gift. Every day in every way I am getting better and better. Indeed.

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Jose Silva, founder of the world famous Silva Method, explains how the brain and mind work, and how human intelligence is able to control the body.  The following vid is by the great man himself. He was beautiful genius and left a legacy to practice and play with. Particularly useful for anyone wanting to further the "subjective" experiences of substances, in a way that doesn't use them.  You get all the visuals and other ace stuff free of charge.  No messy hangover to deal with either.  Enjoy a:)

The chart Jose is demonstrating with looks a lot like this one:

It is worthy of contemplation, then experiencing.  Your subjective domain is completely your own.  No one can tell it to you,  Using these technologies, you can access this domain of possibilities, pretty much at will.  So long as you practice.  Doing research into this field will yield high utility to you in drug repair and recovery terms.

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