Monday, 18 June 2012

LSD experience of Dr. Stan Grof

Dr Stanislav Grof; Pioneer of drug experiments on human consciousness, both his own and others.In 2002, I was initiated into Breathwork by Stan Grof, himself the originator of the “holotropic” technique (AKA Re-birthing). Since then I have facilitated 1200+ sessions, conducted mostly in groups in either clinical or outdoor bush settings. Additionally, I write, record and play original music specifically composed for these events. Infrequently I put on “Dance in Bliss” events, combining breath-work, awesome dancing music, followed by didgeridoo meditation by an indigenous (Aboriginal) elder. I host, along with my community, awesome personal growth/experience events, which are mostly organized through facebook and the email list of participants collected from over the years. Drop me a line, I will add you to the list. 

And of course there is the good doctor himself, speaking on the following:  Dr Stanislav Grof tells how he experienced LSD in the days it was legal and what insight he got from that work. Basel WPF March 2008


Better and better


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