Sunday, 17 June 2012

Drugs: Insights From A Master

Osho: About Drugs

It is fair to suggest that Osho was certainly on to it.  Known in life as the "Bhagwan Shree Rashneesh", in death, simply as "Osho".  Which is a remarkable trick, as the first name is an abrasive irritant to the culture from which he grew up in, whilst the second, is a term of endearment.  He passed through his physical presence some time in the past, leaving a wonderful legacy of video and audio for our infantile western minds to play with.  He was a great talker and brilliant debater, qualities well regarded in the West. His insights into "drugs" are worthy of note.  Enjoy.

The whole mad, hilarious, absurd world in which we live. Through the eyes of a most skillful interpreter of the Eastern Cosmological experience into the language of the West.  He understood us very well and was possessed of a "dangerous mind".  Which to my way of perceiving, is a good thing.

Better and better


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